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UN Convention on the rights of persons with a disability


UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with a disability

All over the world schools are facing a higher demand for full participation and inclusion of all learners. Students with a disability are a full member of a diverse society and have an equal right to education. Among all other citizen rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability (2006) clearly states the right to inclusive education in art. 24. Inclusive education is not an option, as regular schools are considered to be the first and equal option for all, irrespective of achievements or ability. Knowing that diverse groups of learners offer better opportunities for all, regular schools should welcome all learners and integrate support in a universal approach that accommodates all learners. Only in some cases, a separate, maybe temporary, approach may be needed, e.g. in cases when the necessary accommodations or adaptations are not reasonable or disproportional and no alternatives can be found that support inclusion. In Belgian and Flemish Parliamant ratification of the UN Convention took place in 2009. 

Key questions are

  • what kind of discrimination may occur in schools?
    what is the meaning of 'equity' and 'equal treatment'?
    what are 'reasonable adaptations'?
    what does 'disproportionality' mean?