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Priority project for professional development in schools 2013-2014


'Effective differentiation' - University College Leuven in collaboration with Eureka Expert (Flemish Ministery of Education Priority Project)

September 2013 - August 2014 : 28 primary and secondary schools are joining the project Top!score, in a process of evaluating differentiated assessment practice, differentiated learning and differentiated lesson design. Partnerships between primary and secondary schools are formed, in order to sustain differentiated instruction and practice.

In partnerships, schools start to question and reflect on their own and each others practice, appreciating processes of differentiated learning. Both partners will continue to work together throughout the project.

Two methods are followed:

Learning by coaching (in collaboration with Eureka Expert)
Lesson Study

A conference will be held on February, 12th, as a turning point between the first part of differentiatet assessment and the second part of differentiated design.

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