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University of Leuven
Educational Sciences University of Leuven
HIVA, University of Leuven
University of Montenegro
University of Jyväskylaä
University of Porto
University of Applied Sciences, Windesheim, Zwolle, the Netherlands
William Paterson University

Current partners



Ipass collaborates in research and education with several partners. Apart from direct collaboration in joint programs or research projects, Ipass participates in steering committees, consortia, project management, or stakeholders groups, e.g. Parents for Inclusion, Educators for Inclusion, Competence Development Project of the Flemish Department of Education.  

Ipass also collaborates with other research centres involved in diversity and inclusion, internationally or in Belgium.

Members of the steering committee of Ipass are closely involved in Ipass projects, applications, activities and project dissemination.  

Prof. Dr. Katja Petry, University of Leuven, Centre for parenting and special needs education

Prof. Dr. Ides Nicaise, University of Leuven, HIVA