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Developing a welcoming school


Index for Inclusion (Booth & Ainscow, 2011)

Many schools want to adopt an inclusive policy, but don't know where to start. Using the Index for Inclusion (Booth & Ainscow, 2011), schools are supported to find an inclusive direction. Ipass offers coaching when the Index is used in Flemish schools.

The Index for Inclusion (Booth & Ainscow, 2002; 2011) is a practical tool to support schools who are looking for a coherent approach towards diversity The Index is an evidence-based instrument, developed in collaboration with teachers, students, parents and local communities. It is translated in 39 languages and is used in more than 40 countries. 

The latest, reviewed edition of 2011, explicitly connects values of sustainability, world citizenship, community building, health, human rights and nonviolence, and outlines a new, inclusive curriculum that reflects the experience, interests and future of children and young people.

Working with the Index for Inclusion in Flemish schools: the Postgraduate 'School for all' of Leuven University College - Ipass uses the Index as a guiding line for practice.

Process management

UC Leuven, Teacher Education, has used the Index for Inclusion from its launching in 2002. Using an interactive approach,  schools are invited to formulate a policy of equality. In the Postgraduate Program School for All, students who are teachers, administrators, support staff and other team members, investigate their school based on the indicators of each domain of the Index.

Ipass wants to record process management and independent quality survey in pre-school, primary and secondary schools. When schools want to start or restart a sustainable process of inclusion, effective coaching and monitoring may help schools to get on track of inclusion. For more information: please call or use the contact form of Ipass. 

International development

Index for Inclusion Network: www.indexforinclusion.org 

CSIE Bristol: Centre for the Study of Inclusive Education

Keynote of Tony Booth in Februari 2012 at Leuven University College