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Future teachers


National and international Teacher Education and research centres who follow the transition towards inclusive education, consider future roles and profiles of teachers and collaborative teams in schools.

In Europe, in 2012 a Teacher profile for inclusive education was developed. This profile is the guideline for Ipass. It offers a framework for teacher educators and for future teachers.


Profile of inclusive teachers


The European Agency for Special needs and Inclusive education (EASNIE) has published a competence profile of inclusive teachers. This profile is the synthesis of a 3-year project  "Teacher Education for Inclusion". Twenty five European member states participated in the project. For Belgium, Flemish Education, Leuven University College was involved in the development of the profile.

Four core values form the framework of the profile of inclusive teachers:

  • valuing student diversity
  • support all learners
  • collaborate with others
  • life long learning

Profile of Inclusive Teachers: