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Professional learning


Promoting inclusion, participation and enhancing success for all, remains a huge challenge for the years to come. Diversity is the principle, full participation is the goal to reach. Schools are becoming learning communities  who create caring and effective solutions to fulfill the goal of participation. Engagement of teachers and support teams offers the key to success.

Key questions for schools are:

  • what are barriers for participation?
  • what are opportunities for participation?
  • how do we perceive 'success' or achievement at school?  how do we assess students?
  • what are effective adaptations? what are reasonable adaptations?
  • what does 'universal teaching' mean for our team?  what can it mean for our students?
  • what does 'a ifferentiated curriculum' mean for our team? what can it mean for our students?
  • how do we collaborate at school and in class? who are our partners?